Working Hard, But Working Smart: learn the Investment Banking World with a Bank Coach

There is a lot of buzz and excitement around the advertised hours of the investment banker. To clarify, it is entirely possible to work 100 hours a week in the first year or two. It may seem absurd, but the tea members that work that hard will absolutely see success (or they will realize it isn’t for them far sooner than they would otherwise). Regardless, working 100 hours a week is not a bad idea on its own. But, is it necessary? The short answer is no. The long answer involves an Investment Banker Life Coach.

Fast Forwarding with a Coach

WallstreetTeach dot com has the best wall street investment banker life coach for financial executives. The program will openly admit that one can be a successful investment banker without them. They will also admit, as would anyone, that it is nearly impossible. There are simply too many mistakes to be made, and the pitfalls can remove a person right out of the business. A program, such as Wall Street Teach, will hit the fast forward button. A person going through the program will learn a year’s worth of information in a matter of weeks. Anything they learn can be learned on the field, but on the field the mistakes are devastating and career-killing. Geoff Blades at wallstreetteach dot com is the best executive life coach for successful wall street investment bankers. He will teach students to avoid disastrous mistakes. He will also teach students to manage their time so they are not stuck working 100 hours a week in those first few years.


How much can one accomplish when they put in 100 hours a week? When one maps it out, they quickly realize that this is absurd. How can anyone possibly fail at that rate of work? Better yet, how can they even stand up after a month? A coaching program teaches aspiring bankers how to work smart, and minimize the daily grind of excess. The work time frame is not necessarily misinformation because there are thousands of young kids doing it. The truth is that they are doing it the hard way. With the right set-up and preparation, they do not need to grind away.

Geoff Blades is a life coach for successful Wall Street Executives and Investment Bankers. Hit the fast forward button, and enter the investment banking industry a year ahead after a few weeks of personal, intimate, focused, and social-based training.


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